10+ Supported Social Networks
Aggregate your social media content from 10+ Social Networks. Supported Social networks include: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google+, YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Tumblr and Dribbble.
Add Multiple Accounts
Aggregate your social content from multiple accounts to your Swizly social hub. This feature is important if you have dedicated accounts for sub-brands or departments or multiple brands on social media.
Near Real-Time Data Pull
Your social hub should stay up-to-date with your social networks, which is why Swizly pulls your data in near real time. In fact, we can pull data in under 2 minutes from most networks.
Hashtag (#) Aggregation
Running a campaign? Looking to curate content? Swizly not only aggregates your content but also your fans’ content via hashtag # aggregation. Simply insert a hashtag # and Swizly will pull in the content from your social networks.
Content Moderation
You have the option to manually approve or auto-approve the content posted to your Swizly social hub. If you are running a hashtag campaign, manually select the content you want published to your Swizly social hub.
RSS feed
Add in your website or blog RSS feed (WordPress, Blogger) and have your newly-added site or blog content automatically post to your social hub.
Aggregation from Accounts
Post up-to-date information from interesting people or event accounts. Aggregate content from public accounts (industry leaders, celebrities, influencers, leaders, CEOs etc.) without having to add in their user name and passwords.
Mobile Web App
Because Social Media is on the go, Swizly supports a custom mobile app icon. Our fans can now launch your Swizly social hub directly from their mobile devices (IOS and Android). Brand the icon with your logo and gain that ever-so-important mobile real estate.
Design Tool
The Swizly design tool allows you to customize your page. Upload your logo and use the color picker to match it to your brand identity.
Embed on Websites, Facebook Tabs and Mobile Apps
Embed your social content into your website. You can also add a tab in Facebook and simply embed your social hub there too. Do you have a mobile app? Embed your social hub into your IOS, Android app or Windows html-supported mobile device.
Custom Domain
Give your social hub its own identity. Add a sub level domain like socialhub.yourname.com or register a new TLD such as yourname.social. (Swizly supports all new TLDs, such as .Education, .Church, .Consulting, .Pub, .Ninja and 50+ other names)
Attach your own Google Analytics code; track and analyze real-time visitors, returning visitors, demographics and devices to your social hub.
Cloud Technology
Swizly is built on top of world-class technology. Built for the cloud and in the cloud, our cloud servers are hosted by Amazon AWS. Python, AWS, Django, RabbitMQ, MySQL, JQUERY, Recurly, ZendDesk and the Social Media APIs is just some of the technology powering your Swizly Account. Your account is safe with our PCI Compliant processor.
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