Meet Swizly - the digital solution to aggregating your dispersed social media content into one social hub.

Showcase your latest in­shop collections on a dynamic, fluid interface. Improve footfall drastically by targeting the connected customer. Create top­-of-­mind awareness with rich aggregated content and brand recall using a custom domain. Monitor trends under a certain hashtags and establish yourself as a primary source for trends; select what shows up on your page by the click of a button, ensuring competitor content and spam don’t appear on your page.

Swizly allows you a custom design without the coding hassle. Tweak the look and feel of your page to reflect your retail branding and use it as your website. Alternatively, supplement your e­commerce website with exhaustive social media support using a single piece of code instead of ten.

Manage risk; don’t lose out when your fanbase shifts its social network of interest. Swizly gives you a chance to pioneer your social media realevancy by integrating the latest trending networks at their launch.

Gain valuable mobile real estate via your mobile web apps; increase your social media fanbase drastically via offline QR code support. Shift your brand blog post into an immersive, dynamic experience; embed your brand blog RSS feed into your Swizly page.

Improve your brand recall performance with new TLDs, opt for a custom domain that reflects your retail activity.

At least 46% of potential shoppers research products online before setting foot in the store - DELOITTE

Traffic referred from social media increases 30%, year after year - FORBES

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