Swizly helps Higher Education institutes reach their
audiences beyond the old fashioned way


Social Hub

With 10+ social platforms supported, aggregate and crowd-source content published by your audience - students, alumni, and prospective students - into one page. All of the university's channels, or the faculties, can be combined onto one platform giving your audience the ultimate campus life experience.

Mobile Engagement Guide (MEG)

Incisive and customizable to the university's or the faculty's colors, the Mobile Engagement Guide (MEG) allows you to reach your target audience directly on their smartphones, making the information they are interested in easily accessible to them.

Student Engaging Engine (SEE)

An automated marketing tool that allows target-audience-reach based on behavior, geolocation, demographic, or keyword. SEE allows for a precise targeted exposure which in turn allows for a deepened market research rendering student recruitment more efficient.

ABM Collector

The ABM collector, as its name suggests, collects data gathered through the MEG and shares it with the ABM software/tool used by the university. Compatible with software like Hubspot, MailChimp, and Marketo, the shared data allows for more precise targeting and retargeting strategies for a personalized student journey. The ABM collector completes the Swizly features mix for higher recruitments, more engagements, hence higher return on investment

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